Beach trip: Polaroids + Chill mixtape

Okay, so the title sounds kind of boring, I know. But, isn’t not. I swear!

Where I live in Dublin (please don’t come knocking on my door) I’m pretty lucky. I live close to college, to the city centre and the sea. Its funny though, since moving here back when I was twelve I never really paid much attention to the sea that’s literally a stones throw away from my house.

Last week I was really bored. The weather was amazing, I’m on holidays from college and had the day off work. So, out of pure boredom, I decided to head down to the sea, just to kill some time and enjoy the rare good weather. In the end, I walked for a total of an hour all the way until I’d made it to the beach and although it was kind of busy there was just sounding really calming about being down by the seaside on my own. It was really good for clearing my head and I’d one hundred percent recommend it for anyone that’s got a lot on their mind or just wants to take a breather.

Now I’m not one for loads of relaxation. I prefer to know that I ‘ve done something with my day. However, I was so relaxed that I didn’t even realise time was passing. Somehow I managed to spend five hours down at the beach just walking around and sitting on the rocks. I didn’t even get into the water or go near the sand.

On the flipside, while I was at the beach I realised just how aesthetic it could look on a day as nice as it was. (So here’s a couple of the photos I look)

2018-05-29 05-1504009981..jpg

2018-05-29 051815701552..jpg

2018-05-29 05741886072..jpg

2018-05-29 051315399119..jpg

2018-05-29 05374252483..jpg

2018-05-29 051030018788..jpg

2018-05-29 05-1456877423..jpg

2018-05-29 05-1591368838..jpg



2018-05-29 05640507401..jpg



Yeah… my full face isn’t in those last three photos because the sun was in my eyes so I was squinting and I look really angry when I squint, as well as that my makeup had melted off my face.

Other than that I also found myself listening to some beach alone time/Sunny relaxation tunes that I put into a little playlist when I did eventually go home. So I thought I’d share that with you guys as well.

Beach heatwave playlist:

This is pretty much a bunch of chills, laid-back tunes. The kind of sounds that I don’t even realise I’m singing along to while listening.

1.) Life goes on – E^ST

The song’s title really speaks for itself. Life goes on. The beat isn’t necessarily repetitive, it’s mimicking something that just goes on and on in circles. Personally, it really fit the laid-back beach aesthetic, looking out at the waves, sitting on the rocks.

2.) Sunny – Boney M

This song really shouldn’t need an introduction, it’s just that iconic. I think I have a thing for old music in the Summertime and I haven’t a clue why.

3.) Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae

Okay, this song is all I listened to as a seven-year-old. Yeah, I don’t know why either. Other than the Miley Cyrus ‘Breakout’ album I used to listen to on my Mam’s Walkman, this was one of my favourite songs and I somehow can’t remember not knowing the lyrics to it. I think everyone knows this song. Funnily enough for its iconic place in my childhood, I don’t think I’ve ever heard another song by her. (Like ever)

4.) Single – The Neighbourhood

From their album ‘Wipe Out’, the song already has links to that whole beach vibe. I’m a complete sucker for this band so maybe that’s why I gravitated towards the song? It has a laid-back, lullaby theme to it and it’s lyrics seriously make my heart melt.

5.) I can’t stand it – Blossoms

I love the retro 80’s pop sound and how catchy it is but when I read the lyrics, I knew I was hooked.

‘Why do I fall in love with the least bit of attention? I need some direction, affection in time’ and ‘Booked myself some amnesia to keep me in line’.

6.) Club Tropicana – Wham!

So this song is just the epitome of Summertime, even if I never lived through the eighties, I just about got the last four months of the nineties, this song is still a bop. Not exactly an example of timeless music but its aged sound is what makes it so funky.

7.) Ultralife – Oh Wonder

A catchy little bop. (I have literally said that for every song description so far, but it’s my go-to phrase, sorry?) With lyrics like ‘Waves struck a sea of bitterness,’ I like to think that this song coincidentally fits the beach aesthetic. It not really relaxation music because of how upbeat it is, but at the same time, it’s really soothing, mainly down to the singer’s voice and the high pitched music.

8.) T-shirt Weather – Circa Waves

I could honestly see this song’s music video being set on a white sandy beach. It follows the retro aesthetic that’s been making the rounds in not only music but also in fashion and with retro popularity at its peak, it doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

Yeah, so this whole post was kind of spontaneous and random but here you go. I don’t really know what you’ll make of it but it’s something anyway.

Leave a message down in the comments about your favourite Summer tunes and let me know if you’re receiving the same heat wave we are here in Ireland.


SKAM ~ My obsession:


I’ve been in hibernation lately. (That’s not entirely unusual for me, but this time was slightly different.)

I wasn’t just hauled up in my room for the fun of it…

I was hauled up in my room against my will.

But what was holding me against my will you ask? Well, before you go and call the guards (that’s the police for any of you outside Ireland) It was a tv show.

Umh yes I did just say that and no you didn’t read it wrong.

A while back I discovered this TV show called Skam. (Ironically that means shame…) And well I finished all four seasons… in a week. (Yeah, shameful I know)

I went from casually watching episodes one to three to suddenly finding myself at the end of season four. I swear I was in some kind of hypnotised state.

I didn’t plan for that to happen.

One Sunday evening I was falling down a hole on youtube, two hours of mindless video watching in when a video in my recommended caught my eye. (The recommended section of YouTube is so dangerous, I swear its the main source of my procrastination. It adds about an hour and a half to my time spent on the site, which is already ridiculously long anyway.)

The video was called something like best Skam moments, season three, Isak and Even. Nothing too appealing to somebody who doesn’t know the show, right? But the thumbnail really got me. The funny thing is I can’t even remember what the thumbnail looked like. Ironic considering it changed the course of my week. (possibly my life?) I went from hopeful about getting through the week with only some mild procrastination of my college work to full on mindless zombie mode, moving from episode to episode as if I needed it to breathe. No gaps. No breaks or cut off point.

See, I started the show at season three. I did a little bit of research, mainly because it took ages to actually find ‘SKAM’ online. (Don’t judge me its not on Netflix) One of the most appealing aspects of the show is that the main character differs from season to season. Each surrounds the same characters but focuses on a different person’s perspective and own their issues. This is mainly why I started on season three as you don’t really need too much context, although it can be interesting to know a little bit more. Each season could be watched as a stand-alone tv show if you really wanted to watch it that way. (If unlike me, you actually had the self-control.)

See, the show is kinda sneaky. Each episode is thirty minutes or less. Not all episodes are the same length, with some only lasting a total of twenty minutes. I think this is what made me think watching the whole third season in one go was an okay decision to make. Each episode just seems so short that you wouldn’t really think an extra twenty minutes is all that bad. However, this is the kind of reasoning that led me to finish all of season three in one day.


Needless to say, very little of my college work got done that week and I’m only now replying to texts from friends… (Yeah, if it wasn’t SKAM related I wasn’t even slightly bothered)

But why was I so obsessed? The show was just perfect that’s why. (Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was an amazing show, okay)

Unless you’re already aware of the show via Tumblr or cute fanmade Youtube Videos, you may have never heard of it before. But don’t think that you’ve been living under a rock or are just completely out of the loop. Most of my friends had never even heard of this show when I first mentioned it. This might be because the programme is actually produced and set in Norway. As a result, the show is in Norwegian, as well as being originally aimed at teenage and young adult Norwegians. This being the case, I watched the show through an English sub. Okay, at this point the show probably seems really obscure however it’s individuality is part of its appeal, even across multiple countries and language barriers.

So as I said, I watched this show through subtitles. But I wouldn’t be too turned off the show by that. Maybe it’s just because I’m well used to watching films and shows in other languages so I don’t see it as much of an effort, but really once you’ve watched two or three episodes you won’t even realise you’re reading. (I’m not joking I’ve watched things and afterwards remember having seen them in English when it turns out an English version doesn’t even exist.) But if subtitles really aren’t you’re thing you might still be in luck. The show’s growing popularity has led to remakes being released set in France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the US in their corresponding languages. (One word of warning about this though, the remakes may not live up to the original or may even change or downplay important aspects or characters from the original.) important for you readers, I would assume would be the US version, spoken through English, not to worry because that version was released on the 24th of April of this year and although I haven’t seen it as of yet I know that it’s doing extremely well. It’ll be airing on Facebook’s sort of streaming service, ‘Facebook’ Watch’. (Needless to say I’m excited, even if I’ve never even heard of Facebook Watch before)

The show is a bit like a modern, softer version of ‘Skins’. (If ‘Skins’ doesn’t ring any bells to you, it’s basically a British tv show from the early 2000’s. It focuses on a group of teenagers and their struggles mainly regarding drugs, alcohol, mental illness and romantic relationship. Some argue that this show romanticises mental illness, while others argue it’s a show that does far more than depict depressive moments, also causing them for their viewers as there is nothing to break the deep depressive moments in the show. Personally, I’m not a fan because I find it very difficult to relate to the characters, due to the time it was set in. But back to the matter at hand.) Its set around a group of teenagers all born around the late nineties, especially 1999. This being the year I was born, it’s something I found really attractive about the show as it’s rare to find a show based on characters that are my age. Another thing I should mention is that the characters were all actually the same age as the people they were playing. This is really unique and adds a ‘realness’ to the program. This sense of reality is one of the shows many appeals. A common trope of most young adult or teen dramas is beautiful twenty-something-years playing the part of someone who’s supposedly a teenager. As an eighteen-year-old myself I know first hand how negatively this can affect the self-esteem of many young viewers in regard to beauty standards. Don’t get me wrong! There are some absolutely stunning looking characters, all with even more interesting and complex personalities. But being the age they are, many have spots, fashion malfunctions and may not always be of a stereotypically fashionable weight. This is just one factor of it’s realism, The real popularity of a show like this is the way it deals with really current pressing issues in a un-sugar-coated thought-provoking and relatable way, but still captivates audiences with its cinematography and storylines.

A really interesting aspect of the show is how it aired. The show was more or less a weekly occurance. However during the space of a week prior to the new episode, clips would appear on the ‘SKAM’ website, which would be pieced together in the weekly episode. As well as this, each character in the program had their own social media counts , in which they posted images, captions, videos and text conversationsregarding the events of the episode to comes. This really builds the hype further has been seen in action currently with the new remakes.

Before we get into the issues that these characters face however the way the show is cast and how these characters act is really something else.

The actors aren’t perfect. As I’ve already mentioned, they have acne, greasy hair at times you get the picture. The girls don’t wear makeup 24-7, which is really refreshing and not everyone is a complete fashionista. Meaning some characters do suffer from the odd wardrobe malfunction. However, their acting isn’t perfect either. Not in the sense that these actors aren’t talented but in the way that nothing is overly choreographed and of the scenes include the cast improvising. This also adds to the reality of the show.


In terms of content, some of the issues the show deals with are not exactly new storylines but the difference is that they are given centre stage in the tv show, rather than being squeezed into subplots. This is seen most clearly in seasons two through to four.

Season three focuses on a crush come romance between teenagers Isak and Even. These episodes are from the point of view of Isak, who struggles with his identity, as well as the pressure that comes with keeping a secret that he’s almost too afraid to tell himself. This season, in particular, focuses on varying types of mental illness, in what seems to me, a realistic and unromanticised way. There are some really aesthetic moments in this season, like this one below. (Its so difficult not to say more, but considering its just a recommendation post I don’t want to spoil too much, maybe I’ll do a follow up post fangirling?)


The fourth season touches on issues of race and religion that many would feel too delicate to focus on or the sheer pressure of interpreting issues wrong would ward many to steer clear of the topics altogether. Season four is seen from the perspective of Sana. The season focuses on stereotyping and prejudice that she and those around her face surrounding religion and race. While also showing normal teenager struggles regarding romance and friendship. Considering the everyday relevance of this topic in recent times.

SKAM’s first season is much milder in terms of content. It almost eases the viewer in and sets up the three seasons to come, in terms of introducing the audience to all the important characters, their personalities and backgrounds. It focuses on Eva as she navigates through secondary school, facing bullying and hardships in romance. Without giving too much of the plot away, Eva learns how exactly to make her own decisions, have her own opinions, she finds girl friends she can depend on and the all too real pain and messiness that comes along with relationships. In a really interesting turn for a tv show, in general, we see Eva experimenting with both the teenage boys and girls in her friend group. This is something which is more notable in season two. However, what makes this aspect of her character so interesting and impressive is the way that this topic is not at all addressed or highlighted. This is not so much done in a negative, ‘brush’ it under the carpet kind of way, or in an ignorant dismissal of its relevance. More so, this is seen as a ‘so-what’ attitude. Almost in a kind of this is ‘normal’, why would this need to be highlighted way.

Lastly in Season two, we’re shown the world from Noora’s perspective. This character is one of the most loved among fans of the season and the show in general. She’s stunningly beautiful and has one of the most fashionable and iconic styles out of the cast. She’s sharp tongued and confident and places importance on girls standing up for girls and feminism. While the season focuses on some darker themes like sexual assault and the stigmas that surround it, there is also focus on relationships and romance. This season focuses on pressing issues but also has a softer side in romance and friendships, without giving too much away it presents us with this heart-stopping, tnesion filled romance surrounded by pressing issues and in later season see how not every heart-stopping romance ends with a happily.


So yeah…
Now do you understand why I became, and still kind of am obsessed with this show? It’s insanely good and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Let me know if you’ve seen the show, if you’re watching any of the remakes or if you have any other tv show recommendations for me to fill the gapping hole that SKAM has left since finishing it.

Shawn Mendes ~ New Album

I’m shaking.

Completely shook.

(Think of this as my own fangirl therapy session.)

So last night, I was waiting eagerly for midnight to roll on. I had my Spotify open with old Shawn Mendes tracks playing and a group chat on hand, created for the sole purpose of fangirling and ranting.

But what could have caused this odd (not really odd for me which is kind of worrying) behaviour?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months you’ll probably know all about Shawn Mendes’ new music. With a total of five singles inclusive of funky R’n B style ‘Lost in Japan’, the heart wrenching ‘In my Blood’ ‘Where were you in the morning’, ‘Youth’, a collaboration with Kalid and the most recent release, ‘Nervous’. Each of these singles were received really well and only further contributed to hype surrounding his new self-titled album.

The album dropped on Spotify at midnight last night and when it did you wouldn’t believe how close I came to falling out of bed. (Yes, I was in bed.)

The fourteen track album is definitely a snapshot of the kind of music one would expect from the Canadian musician. However, it isn’t exactly more of the same either. The album focuses on a variety of topics, mainly centring on relationships and romance. However, there are songs that focus on other topics that Mendes has never dwelled on in his music before.

Early release ‘Youth’ showcases solidarity for young people growing up surrounded by violence. The song features lines like ‘Pain, but I won’t let it turn into hate’ and ‘as long as I wake up today, you can’t take my youth away’. It shows strength in the face of events like school shootings and violence involving young people, something that is becoming more and more prominent today. The track emphasises solidarity between young people and their resiliance during these times. This song stands out among many of the other songs on the album. It focuses on a far stronger side of Mendes that listeners may not be so used to hearing, in comparison to the more fragile light we often see him in.

Romance and relationship wise, there’s a broad mix of situations focused on in this album. From regret and heartache to infatuation. Mendes finds a way to relate to multiple situations while staying really intimate and creating funky, fresh music.

Different songs can be seen focusing on very different stages of a relationship. ‘Nervous’, the last of the singles to be released, with its funky vibe sheds light on a first glance infatuation. This shows a vunerable side of Mendes, one that listeners are used to, esspecially with soul baring singles like ‘In my blood’, but does so in a interesting and fun way in terms of form.

Oppositely, ‘Where were you in the morning?’, focusing on exactly what you would assume from the title, focuses on Mendes waking up, expecting to see the person he fell asleep next to, but they’re nowhere to be seen. With lines like ‘I woke up to the cold air’, ‘You made it seem like we connected’ and ‘How could you make me believe there was something between you and me’, how this person just easily walks away from himself clealy plays on his mind and he agonises over it in song. Doing this, Mendes creates a song that is relatable on an emotional level.

Different again, ‘Like to be you’, featuring vocals by Julia Michaels emphasises the differences between two people trying their best to make a relationship work and find some common ground by looking at the world through the others’ point of view. The vocals in this song work extremely well together. Michaels and Mendes compliment each others voices and create something smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

‘Mutual’ shows listeners Mendes’ thoughts on a relationship with someon e who may or may not love him the way he does them. He tells listeners how he doesn’t want to leave this person but the situation they’re in is all or nothing and he’d rather know how they really feel, then be strung along.

Although Mendes is known for showing his more fragile side, in this album he doesn’t seem even the least bit afraid to share a more aggressive, sassy side to his personality with songs ‘Queen’ and ‘Mutual’. Not to fear though, his trademark sensitive side is still prominent. In particular in song ‘Nervous’, where he admits to feeling ‘self-conscious’ and like he’s ‘never done this before’ and ‘Perfectly Wrong’, in which he deals with a relationship that has broken down beyond repair, he states ‘me and you were made to break’, but it ‘so hard to leave’. He is stuck in between what he knows and what he wants.

Lastly and one of my personal favourites, ‘Patricular Taste’, track no.7 on his self-titled third album presents something funky and almost inadvertantly sassy. Here Mendes seems to experient with form as well as with romantic partners.

Aside from the talent this shows listeners that Mendes possesses, certain somgs on the album are said to interest listeners more than just musically but also in their reference to the nineteen year old’s older music. This is most noticable in ‘Particular taste’, with its direct song title refernce to illumimate album song ‘Mercy’. As well as ‘Because I had You’ reference to Illuminate song ‘Honest’ in the first two seconds of the song. Whether this has some meaning behind it or is completely coincidental (yeah right, we’re on to you Shawn, its time to put our conspiracy theory hats on fangirls) it has caused a major stir amongst regualr and die hard fans alike.

In terms of genre, Mendes sticks to his ususal mixture of pop and soft rock, while also adding something funky with bits of both minimalistic and synth pop. In particular songs like ‘Nervous’ and ‘Particular taste’, which have very different focuses but a similar sound and seem to share something akin to Selena Gomez song, ‘Hands to myself’. Whether purposely similar or completely coincidental the songs are both very creative in their sound and show the artists’ musical talent.

This album was said to be a make or break for Mendes and with writers lile Ed Sheeran as well Johnney McDaid of Snow Patrol, its easy to consider this album a hit. Safe to say that this is one of those album’s that’s going be on repeat for me all Summer long.

Got any opinions on Shawn Mendes’s new album? Share it in the comments section below.

Complaints by a Barista…

Hey guys,

So, two years ago I spent sometime working as a Barista in a coffee shop. It definitely wasn’t the worst place to work. The pay was fairly good (in terms of other jobs I’ve had) and I pretty much got as much coffee as I wanted and although I had yet to start college at this stage I was still drinking a hell of a lot of the stuff to keep myself functioning like a half way normal human being. When work finished you also came out smelling like coffee, which isn’t half bad.

However, no matter where you work or what you do there will always be little pet hates or things that just tick you off. (Mainly in the form of certain customers) Wherever you work, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a coffee shop or a clothes store, there are certain types of ‘stock’ customers that you can just see from a mile away. Some of these customers can honestly make you wanna tare your hair out…

This being the case, I compiled a list of Barista ‘complaints’ based on the year and a bit that I worked in the cafe (that-will-not-be-named-in-case-they-somehow-see-this-and-hunt-me-down-Yeah-no-thanks) These are things that not only me but other Baristas that I’ve met (Yes, we all just happen to know each other, obviously) both past and present have been agreeing with, so I thought I’d throw them up on my blog and see if anyone else can relate. (or maybe just laugh at the misfortunes of a tiny, angry ex-barista)

First on the list of complaints is…

The Starbucks customer:

Okay, so there’s a couple of variations of this kind of customer, however the one thing they all have in common is that, for them the epitome of a coffee shop is Starbucks and any other coffee shop is some kind of foreign country. Now, I love Starbucks, it sells heart-attacks in a cup and they all taste so good. HOWEVER, Starbucks is Starbucks and every other coffee shop is just not Starbucks. (Take a shot every time you read the word ‘Starbucks’ and you’ll be on your way to alcohol poisoning real quick) This customer is like the stereotypical English tourist, you know the ones that go abroad and complain when they realise that they can’t get a full English breakfast in a traditional Spanish restaurant. (Okay, yes I understand creature comforts but still, live a little)


First we have the Menu ninja:

These customers are generally, but not always, a group of preteen girls (no hate) Now I’m not saying that an old man in his late eighties isn’t going to rock up to a coffee shop and request a raspberry and lemon twist, creme based frappuccino but, well… It’s just not as common. Honestly though, if they did I’d be more than willing to make it. (Go you old man, live your life)


Really though, you can spot this group a mile away. They’ll ask you for some form of a frappicino and you have to say, as politely as possible that a frappicino is a Starbucks branded and copyrighted drink that you can’t get anywhere else and push business right out the door it came in as your boss stands over your shoulder pissed off at the loss of revenue. (Yay)

Second to this is the customers that ask for ‘secret‘ drinks from the ‘secret Starbucks menu‘. I’m sorry but incase you just, you know… missed it… this place isn’t Starbucks so please, restrain yourself… (Please note that the majority of Starbucks don’t even know what the secret menu is and if you try order off it they will proceed to murder you with their eye)

The third and final variation of the Starbucks customer (that I’m actually bothered enough about to write about) is the ‘Sharpie Warrior’

The Sharpie warrior will pretty much go undetected until they get to the till. They’ll order their drink, all normal so far. No warning bells. Everything seems A-Okay. But then they do it. *Cue the dramatic, tension building music* They ask you to write their name on the cup. (OKAY, OKAY… I get that thinking of this as annoying just makes me seem lazy but it’s really not! … Okay maybe a little… but not really)

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s the busiest lunch time rush you’ve ever seen or a quite Sunday afternoon, this is just so unnecessary. Firstly, I have more than likely got three other orders on average to take along with yours and the likelihood of me writing your name on the wrong cup is high. Secondly, the time it takes me to write your name, with proper spelling (as you will enviably pull me up on any spelling errors and make me rewrite it) will take up far too much time as well as the fact that you’re holding up a line of people when you’re just going to throw the cup out soon anyways. Thirdly, this isn’t Starbucks. (Writing your name on a coffee cup isn’t a coffee shop thing, it’s a Starbucks thing.) This isn’t something I mind so much when things aren’t busy but nine out of ten times a coffee shop is pretty busy, esspecially when it’s part of a chain. However the worst thing about this customer is when you use the stock excuse of ‘I don’t actually have a pen, they route through their bag an hey guess what they’ve got a sharpie. Really it’s just very unnecessary. Or maybe I’m just petty? More than likely…


Other than Starbucks mix ups however there is still plenty more complaints and pet peeves to rant about…

The Wi-Fi leech:

This customer will literally ask you if you have to buy a coffee to use the wifi. They’ll sit around all day, sipping on that one coffee they bought nearly two hours ago, just so that they can stay connected to the wifi. This isn’t really an issue. However, it becomes an issue when that one person who bought that cup of coffeee also had six friends who have literally bought nothing and are just taking up a huge chunk of the seating area just to leech on your wifi. This is a coffee shop, not your personal hotspot. Sorry


The complicated coffee king:

Like, your last relationship this customer, not only makes you cringe but your co-workers and everyone else in the queue as well. Their sheer presence just irks you and they always, always. always show up when you least want them to, like say five minutes before closing or in some random bar on a night out with your friends. You wish you could jump over the counter and tackle them to the ground but, you know that’s considered bad behaviour and morally wrong so you have to grit your teeth and carry on.

Their typical order will go something like, “can I get a creme based mocha, without coffee and skimmed fat-free milk?”. (Basically hot chocolate?, The complicated coffee King ‘s orders are a bit like morse code)


The air drinkers:

Similar to the complicated coffee kings, air drinkers like to make things as complicated as possible, however they also want a drink with zero calories… in other words they want air. Their typical order will go something like, “can I get a creme based, sugar free, soy free mocha, without coffee or caffeine and skimmed fat-free milk?”. Yes, that is literally a glass of foamed milk and yes I have had someone order it.. more than once. (Give me strength)


Hide and Seek hot chocolate lovers:

Remember your slightly awkward twelve year old self that just tried waaay too hard to be cool? No? Just me?… Well that’s exactly what comes to mind when I think about this particular customer. These are the coffee free mocha people. Yes, you did read that correctly. A mocha is essentially hot chocolate with a shot of coffee… So, yeah a coffee free mocha is literally just Hot chocolate… Seriously, no one is going to shun you for asking for hot chocolate however you will be shunned for deliberately asking for something that just like twelve year old me with my self cut ’emo’ side fringe, is trying desperately to be something they’re just not…


The passive aggressive low fat milk customer:

Just W h y ? Fair enough if you have some valid reason but nine out of ten times you don’t and honestly what is the point of ordering watered down milk. It is a proven fact that if you’re ordering the most thick, luxurious drink to ever grace the earth then choosing low fat milk will not make a blind bit of difference, it’s still a heart attack in a cup. It is also scientifically proven (by moi) that coffee tastes a billion times nicer with full fat milk. However, for future reference, low fat milk person, the majority of coffee places use low fat milk as their go to anyways, honestly no need to ask…

However, to add insult to injury. This customer isn’t just asking for low fact milk, they’re demanding it. They will argue to the death for their low fat milk. It’s as if they’ve had to fight tooth and nail for their low fat milk too many times in the past and they’ve become a jaded low fat milk warrior with a bitchy attitude.

(Side note: A friend of mine (Shocker, yes I do actually have some friends) says that when they would run out of low fat milk where she worked, they would just use normal milk with mixed with water… this is actually more common than you’d think…)


The Chatter-box: (Aka Sharon the soccer mom that sat at the window table on her phone for two hours every Wednesday religiously for nearly a year)

This customer goes undiscovered for their first half an hour in the store. They’ll be civil at the till, they’ll collect their drink and sit themselves down without any bother. They’ll start chatting away to their friend, be it sitting beside them or on the phone. About half an hour later they’re back up at the till. And what do they do? They hand you a full cup of coffee and start complaining that their half an hour old drink isn’t scalding anymore. Hmmm, I wonder how that happend? Contrary to popular belief, coffee isn’t actually a magical substance. Sure it’ll do a lot of magical things but staying hot for a lengthy period of time isn’t one of them. Moral of the story drink your coffee and then gossip to your friend Barbra about how your daughter’s ballet teacher didn’t give her a lead position in the Easter Show. (Yeah, having half hour arguments with soccar moms about cold coffee wasn’t exactly the highlight of my Barista experience)


The five seconds before closing people:

You people make me cry.

You run in at 5:48. (The place I worked in closed at 6:00 pm)I’ve turned off the coffee machines. They’ve been cleaned. All traces of coffee powder gone, everything sparkly clean and you rock up out of absolutely no where and hey all that work is gone to waste and I have to spend another twenty minutes trying to clean both the coffee machine and it’s utensils all over again. (Wooo) All I wanna do is go home and here you are preventing that. I’ve been here since seven this morning just let me leeeeeaaaave.


The quiz masters:

Now, most people can’t really tell the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino and during a morning rush these kind of mix ups happen all the time. It’s crazy busy and you’ll accidentally give the Latte to the Cappuccino personal and visa versa. H O W E V E R these people are the opposite of that. The know-all, quiz master customer will take one look at your coffee, one sniff, one sip and turn their nose up at it. They will grill you with questions about the milk you used, where the beans are sourced from. One woman even asked me what type of metal was the milk foamer made from. Yeah… Why…

Honestly, I must sound like the moan-iest, bleak human to ever grace the earth but, these are only half of the complaints I had in mind for this post.

The free coffee and those few amazing co-workers really are the only things that kept me going. Honestly, being a Barista can be really fun… you know… when you block out all the awful aspects about the job…


Let me know what you think in the comments, if you relate to any part of my angry little rant or maybe have your own pet hates from somewhere you’ve worked or are currently working.

Talk later,

Lourdays x


Kick off 2018 with a fresh, new sound

So, up until now I haven’t really shared my music taste with you. I guess it wasn’t really something I’d even thought of doing. But music is a really big part of my life, I mean I spend more time with my headphones on than I do off. So, here we are I guess. This is definitely going to be a regular segment, as I’m always updating my music taste or discovering something new. Be warned though my music taste varies a hell of a lot. So beware not everything I write up here will necessarily be your cup of tea. However who knows, you might discover some new found obsession or we can bond over an amazing artist. Anyways, without further adieu onto the post.

Unexpectedly thrust into some major lime light and clocking up tens of thousands of views and listens across various social media platforms is Sigrid Raabe, better known as ‘Sigrid’. Lyrics from her international breakthrough song ‘Strangers’ are on everybodies’ lips.

‘Sigrid’ is a twenty one year old hailing from Ålesund, Norway. New to fame but not to the music industry, the singer, songwriter has been working in music for the guts of five years, since 2013. Her first song, debuting the same year titled ‘Sun’ had her signed to record label Petroleum by 2014. She then moved to Island records and released four tracks in 2016 on her debut single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ which threw her into some national success. By the end of 2017, Sigrid had release the song that would give her some real international attention and earned her the BBC sound of 2018 award, ‘Strangers’. With her music, falling into the categories of synth and indie pop, her music as a whole can be considered quirky and upbeat. Traits that also shine through in her music videos. However, her infectious pop music isn’t just aesthetics, there are some really strong messages scattered throughout her songs.

Take for instance, ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ from the EP of the same name. This bop focuses on Sigrid’s own personal experiences in the music industry, trying to make something for herself and dealing with big name producers and their attitudes towards her. The song, coined ‘the ultimate millennial empowerment anthem’ has gained major support with artists, one of which being Lorde, who even picked it out as one of her favourite songs in a sponsored Spotify playlist.

The song features lyrics like, “You shut me down, you like the control/ You speak to me like I’m a child”. This was aimed at those in the music business that dismissed her ideas and patronized her primarily for her age. However, it would be Sigrid that would have the last laugh concerning this as the frustration that prompted these events would lead to a song that would be streamed more than 13 million times on Spotify and even more again on YouTube. As well as that, this same song gained Sigrid a new record label. One that she is still working with today. (Now, who doesn’t love an empowering story like that?)

Speaking to ‘Teen Vogue’ in a YouTube interview last year, the young artist mentions how it is more important to her that people can relate to the songs she writes. It would seem that she finds the inspiration for her song writing in her own frustrations. Although pop as a genre may usually be generalised as having little substance to it, this shows itself not to be the case here. On Sigrid’s single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ there are four songs that are in keeping with a real ‘pop style’ but each has a significance behind it that does stray from the simple rose tinted perspective of much of today’s pop music. ‘Fake Friends’ is a song that makes the case for burning bridges regarding toxic friendships. ‘Plot Twist’ takes its inspiration from Sigrid’s experience with a boy that played with her heart. Dynamite, with Adele vibes, a musician that Sigrid herself says she has been inspired by, shows the pain of two lovers growing apart. These upbeat pop songs are underpinned by lyrics mixed with anger, frustration and pain.

As for her style, Sigrid is eye catching for her laid back and natural appearance, something that at times can be lost among the glitz and glam of the music industry. This is something that carries itself across in her album art and music videos which are both minimal and quirky, esspecially with her fashion staple of denim jeans and simple tee-shirts that looks like something directly out of the store ‘Pull And Bear. Accompanying this is her laid-back style of dancing style that reminds me of the kind of moves I makes while dancing around my house, headphones in while home alone.

Sigrid is a fresh face in 2018, with a genuine air about her and a laid back presence. She is definitely one to look out for this year.

Link to music on spotify here:

Link to her music videos and Vevo account here:


‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’

‘Plot Twist’


Sigrid’s Vevo page,

Let me know if you know any other new comers to music this year or what you think of Sigrid if you check her out!

Talk later,

Lauren-Lourdes x

Procrastination has taken hold…

Okay so no.

See that title up there? Yeah, well it’s not a hundred percent true. Procrastination hasn’t just ‘taken hold’ it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s just gotten far worse? I think we all procrastinate, at least a little bit. But that being said, the difference between the procrastination most people have and the thing that I’ve got is that well… mine borders on ridiculous. I am not joking when I say it could very nearly ruin my life.

I think everyone experiences the whole ‘I don’t wanna do this just yet, probably should but meh I’ll watch two episode of [ insert favourite TV show here ] and then do it afterwards. See that? Yeah, I wish that was what I did. A situation like that proves that you’ve actually got self control. Something I’m really lacking in…

You see, procrastination for me is like a chronic condition. I am that person who says that they’ll do something at twelve and nine out of ten times I don’t. I don’t know how this began happening but, say I have to do something at twelve and I check my phone and the time just so happens to be 12:01, any sane person would say ‘okay, time to start’, right? WRONG. Somehow, subconsciously I have managed to trick myself into thinking that I must now wait until 1:00 until I dare start.

Yes… I know. I see the way yoy’re looking at me and no you didn’t just mishear me. That is literally what I said…

Oh! one hour procrastination, you’re probably thinking, ‘oh that’s not so bad!’ But oh no, no no, this honestly goes on for hours… say I miss that 1:00 mark I WILL wait until 2:00 ticks around… This coupled with all my other methods for expert procrastination create a wounderful little world of putting off everything important.

Why is this? Am I really that lazy? Apparently so.

I mean. The fact that I would rather spend hours doing absolutely nothing, instead of productive things that I really need to get done? That just takes lazy to a completely new level.

That alone is bad enough as it is, but that’s not even the half of it… If it was I’d probably be getting a lot more done than I currently am…The issue here is that it’s not just work and chores that I put off, it’s things that I enjoy doing, like texting or blogging here… *Cough, haven’t uploaded anything since last Summer* That’s pretty bad! But in fairness I had exams to study for during the school year. (Soz.)

Seriously though, you know that your procrastination is bad when you start putting off texting people back… for days. The worst thing is, I don’t even mean to. This has gotten to the stage that I have literally lost friends over this and it is not okay!

Here’s how it normally goes down. Typically, I’m reading something or watching roughly the seventh episode of a TV show in a row when *ting* (Me trying to imitate the Facebook ping), I get a text. generally I drag down my notification thingy from the top of the screen, I read the text (or well as much of the text as it will show me) Yes, I am one of those people… but anyway I read the text and for no apparent reason I think to myself, hmmmm yep, I’ll reply to that in a few minutes. Then I’ll go back to whatever it was I was doing before and get completely wrapped up in it again… Next thing you know it’s 2025 and my friend thinks I dead because guess what? I forgot to reply! I’m not even joking when I say that this happens on a daily basis… *Sighs*

This has actually gotten so bad that Morgan Freeman, the man that I, 100 percent believe to be god has told me so… I mean seriously? You know things have taken a turn, when the big man himself is throwing shade your way.

Message from Morgan Freeman, via my laptop. Shitty picture feat. me in the background...

I’m honestly so terrible! If there was an Olympic games that included procrastination as a sport then I’d be winning gold. Just think of me as the Usain Bolt of procrastination. (Sad but so very, very true…)

This isn’t exactly great, but what’s worse is that this has been going on for AGES. I’m not even joking, while studying for my exams I drank several pint glasses of water in an hour… because, as we all know hydration is super important for concentration… and distracting myself from work with a task that I can deem as half way useful…

Well that’s it for now,

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced these levels of procrastination, or even worse still maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of all this? In which case, soz bud! Meaning you no harm, I love you,I do butttttttt I’m lazy to the bone.

On a side note! I didn’t procrastinate here! Otherwise there would be no blog post and you certainly wouldn’t be reading it. (Something I’m really grateful for, by the way!)

Talk soon,



Beyoncé concert fashion beauties 

Hey, Dash here! ♥ 

So, lately I’ve been working part-time in some stadiums in my area. One of them being Croke park, one of the main stadiums in Ireland and not too long ago Beyoncé herself came to our lovely green isle as part of her world tour, so I just happened to be working at it. Sadly this being the case I didn’t get to see her at all! So, I missed put on seeing her numerous outfit changes. *cries*

Though, I won’t despair too much, because though I didn’t see her, I met a ton of her lovely fans, some of which were fabulously dressed.

Some of them had, what I’d like to think is that perfect mix of comfy concert wear and ‘dressed to impress’ summer chic.

I saw a sea of bodysuits, patterned crop-tops, messy braids, fun festival body and face paint, along with body jewellery and henna tattoos.

I have to say that these girls just got it so, so right when it came it capturing that easy summer festival vibe.

Concerts can be a little bit tricky fashion wise. You want to look your best but also be comfortable enough to still enjoy yourself to the full.

Believe me, I know the discomfort of bad fashion mistakes…

Heels + mosh pit = immense pain.

Yeah I wouldn’t recommend it…

Anyways, with all of this in mind I thought I’d give you guys my top tips for a stylish yet comfy-casual summer concert outfit.

1. Keep it simple…

Nothing is worse than the discomfort of an annoying outfit. Seriously don’t put yourself through it.

I met one girl, who was wearing this absolutely gorgeous floor length kimono style dress and heels. A fabulous outfit, I honestly can’t fault her for that but, I met her again near the end if the night and the ends of her dress are all ripped! It was such a pity too.

My advice though, would be to keep your outfit simple. A crop-top with some shorts or a mini shirt would more than do. Something cute and casual and won’t get in your way like a floor length dress…

2. Accessorize…

Just because you’re keeping your outfit simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Try accessorizing to keep things from feeling too plain. You don’t need to go crazy, too much jewellery is definitely going to wreck your head. Keeping things easy and free is probably your best bet comfort wise. With this in mind, I’d say layered anklets or an armlet, summer-y, fabulous and easy to wear, are a great way to go. If you’re still looking for that little extra touch to your outfit, body paint and henna (semi-perminanat tattoo.) can actually be a really easy way to jazz up a summer concert outfit, giving it some real boho festival vibes, which I saw so much of at the concert.

3.High heel free zone.

Right, so unless you’re super, super comfortable moving around in your skyscraper heels for a fair few hours or have some little high heel cushions or pads (they can be pretty useful in these situations.) I’d say leave them at home.

Like I said before, to me at least at a concert comfort is everything and more than likely your gorgeous heels will start to wreck your head.

There’s such a wide variety of shoes you can choose from, so I wouldn’t just limit myself to heels you know? Ankle boots, converse, vans, sandals. So much more comfortable and,  if you’re like me, far less likely to trip and fall.

4.Backpack beauties.

I’m all about making things just that little bit easier and a backpack is a great way of doing this.

You know the way people say that when girls pack to go away on holidays they feel like they need to bring everything they own?

Yeah. Well, that’s me… Everywhere I go.

Unless I’m going for a run or something, I won’t leave the house without my phone charger, my purse, possibly a book, a note book and pen, a hairbrush, half my makeup bag, tissues (damn allergies *cries*) and a pair of socks.

That’s on an average day so as you can imagine, I never go ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE without a bag, in my experience handbags and concerts they don’t mix, there again though, I’ve never been in a seating area, so it might be more manageable there but from my concert standing experiences, bug hand bags aren’t exactly concert friendly… 

There’s just too many people and so much going on, you’d be mad to bring one.

This is where backpacks really to come in handy. You can literally shove a ton of stuff into it, throw it on your back and you can forget about it and just have some fun. No need to worry about holding onto it or something falling out.

Well that’s about it from me for now.

Hopefully you’ll now be ready and fully equipped to handle any summer concert that’s might be headed you say as starts to come to a close.

Talk soon,

Dash x