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Procrastination has taken hold…

Okay so no.

See that title up there? Yeah, well it’s not a hundred percent true. Procrastination hasn’t just ‘taken hold’ it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s just gotten far worse? I think we all procrastinate, at least a little bit. But that being said, the difference between the procrastination most people have and the thing that I’ve got is that well… mine borders on ridiculous. I am not joking when I say it could very nearly ruin my life.

I think everyone experiences the whole ‘I don’t wanna do this just yet, probably should but meh I’ll watch two episode of [ insert favourite TV show here ] and then do it afterwards. See that? Yeah, I wish that was what I did. A situation like that proves that you’ve actually got self control. Something I’m really lack ing in…

You see, procrastination for me is like a chronic condition. I am that person who says that they’ll do something at twelve and nine out of ten times I don’t. I don’t know how this began happening but, say I have to do something at twelve and I check my phone and the time just so happens to be 12:01, any sane person would say ‘okay, time to start’, right? WRONG. Somehow, subconsciously I have managed to trick myself into thinking that I must now wait until 1:00 until I dare start.

Yes… I know. I see the way yoy’re looking at me and no you didn’t just mishear me. That is literally what I said…

Oh! one hour procrastination, you’re probably thinking, ‘oh that’s not so bad!’ But oh no, no no, this honestly goes on for hours… say I miss that 1:00 mark I WILL wait until 2:00 ticks around… This coupled with all my other methods for expert procrastination create a wounderful little world of putting off everything important.

Why is this? Am I really that lazy? Apparently so.

I mean. The fact that I would rather spend hours doing absolutely nothing, instead of productive things that I really need to get done? That just takes lazy to a completely new level.

That alone is bad enough as it is, but that’s not even the half of it… If it was I’d probably be getting a lot more done than I currently am…The issue here is that it’s not just work and chores that I put off, it’s things that I enjoy doing, like texting or blogging here… *Cough, haven’t uploaded anything since last Summer* That’s pretty bad! But in fairness I had exams to study for during the school year. (Soz.)

Seriously though, you know that your procrastination is bad when you start putting off texting people back… for days. The worst thing is, I don’t even mean to. This has gotten to the stage that I have literally lost friends over this and it is not okay!

Here’s how it normally goes down. Typically, I’m reading something or watching roughly the seventh episode of a TV show in a row when *ting* (Me trying to imitate the Facebook ping), I get a text. generally I drag down my notification thingy from the top of the screen, I read the text (or well as much of the text as it will show me) Yes, I am one of those people… but anyway I read the text and for no apparent reason I think to myself, hmmmm yep, I’ll reply to that in a few minutes. Then I’ll go back to whatever it was I was doing before and get completely wrapped up in it again… Next thing you know it’s 2025 and my friend thinks I dead because guess what? I forgot to reply! I’m not even joking when I say that this happens on a daily basis… *Sighs*

This has actually gotten so bad that Morgan Freeman, the man that I, 100 percent believe to be god has told me so… I mean seriously? You know things have taken a turn, when the big man himself is throwing shade your way.

Message from Morgan Freeman, via my laptop. Shitty picture feat. me in the background...

I’m honestly so terrible! If there was an Olympic games that included procrastination as a sport then I’d be winning gold. Just think of me as the Usain Bolt of procrastination. (Sad but so very, very true…)

This isn’t exactly great, but what’s worse is that this has been going on for AGES. I’m not even joking, while studying for my exams I drank several pint glasses of water in an hour… because, as we all know hydration is super important for concentration

Well that’s it for now,

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced these levels of procrastination, or even worse still maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of all this? In which case, soz bud! Meaning you no harm, I love you,I do butttttttt I’m lazy to the bone.

On a side note! I didn’t procrastinate here! Otherwise there would be no blog post and you certainly wouldn’t be reading it. (Something I’m really grateful for, by the way!)

Talk soon,



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Hey guys?…

*Peeks out from the cave I’ve been hiding in…*

Hahaha, don’t shoot me okay… It’s been what? Nearly a year? Ouch, okay not my finest moment… I swear! I didn’t mean to ditch you guys. I had a fair few emails asking me where I’d disappeared to, some even asking about doing some collaborations, all of which I read and was really happy to have received. I really didn’t start looking through my emails until my exams had finished though, a fair bit of time had passed from when most of those emails were sent and I really just didn’t know how to reply because of that… However I am back now! For good, no disappearances.

As for the reason I left? The Leaving Certificate. For those of you outside of Ireland, They’re the last exams you do, right at the end of secondary school. For me they were kinda a big deal so for the most part I kinda just became a hermit, studying all day. (Or well, trying to anyway.)

Yeah… Not exactly fun stuff.

But! I’m back now and I’ve got so many ideas. I think I gonna shake up the blog a bit and hopefully improve it by doing so.

Woo *Cue confetti canons*

I really want to add even more of who I am into this blog, So, although fashion and beauty are huge parts of my life and I will be keeping them as a big part of my blog, I will be adding extra segments. For example, writing, talking about books, films, stories, music, fandom stuff, maybe even a couple of rants thrown in here and there and of course just life in general

On another note! You’ve probably noticed a bit of a change in the layout of my site. I just thought with all the new things to come that it needed a little bit of a face lift.

Hopefully, you’ll be hearing from me really soon. I really am going to try to have a proper uploading schedule. (When I have a weekly schedule sorted out I’ll be posting that too!)

Talk soon,


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Dash top tips for bag shopping… 

Hey guys, Dash here! 

What’s a girl’s most prized accessory?

Well, to me it’s the perfect bag.

Whether you share my thoughts or not, it can be assumed that on a whole that girls are quite literally bag obsessed.

Satchels, clutches, backpacks and purses, I love them all and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you did too.

Just recently I bought a new bag, a backpack to be specific, in parfois a really fashion forward accessory shop that up until now, I’d never even set foot in, but now that I have… To put it simply I’m obsessed.

Anyways, though I’m absolutely in love with this shop and my brand new backpack, finding this little gem of a bag wasn’t easy…

It was a mission and a half if I’m honest. A mission full of rooting through shelves, buying things only to return them. Not fun. This went on for absolutely ages before I finally found the one.

As you’ve probably gathered from this,bag shopping is definitely not my forte.

I love shopping, I really do bit if I’ve got a down fall it’s bags… An expert shopper I am not but adding bags to the equation just makes it for a disaster. I could honestly spend hours shopping for a bag and not find anything at all walk in andvwalk out two seconds later with, the ‘perfect’ bag.

So yes, we’ve established that I’m a bit of a hopeless case, but after my bag buying ordeal, I decided to try and work out the best way for me to never have to go through it again and then once it was more or less done, I decided… Hmmm why not share it with you fashion lovers, never know might even help a couple if you out!

Soooo here we go..

  • 1.) Have a check list…

Whether in you head, on you phone or on good old fashioned paper make a list.

Seems like a lame tip I know!, but I make lists for everything, maybe it’s because I’ve got a head like a sievee or maybe it’s because I’m an organisation freak, either way make a list.

Compiling a list of all the musts and mustn’ts of your ideal bag before you even think about hitting the shops can be really helpful. Whether this bag is to match a cute new outfit, a dress for a special occasion or just something to throw your nits and bobs into on a day to day basis.. Having a certain criteria in mind will help keep you from getting distracted by all the fabulous bags (like me…)spread up your search dramatically.

For example, Me? I needed a bag with enough space to pack a couple of sets of clothes since I tend to stay with different friends and family a lot during the Summer months, but also something that wouldn’t look out of place with my three or four different sets of outfits, if I went out anywhere while staying.

Meaning it need to be

1) something big

2.) stylish

3.) Versatile.

4.) something that wasn’t just a passing trend (I’d be using it all summer long and probably well into the rest of the year.)

I kept this in mind the day I bought my bag and ended up with my favourite little backpack here. ⬇

  • 2.) Picture it!

If you pick up a bag and have a specific outfit in mind for it. Keep some pictures of the outfit on your phone to keep in mind a clear idea of what your looking for. Better yet, if you can bring the outfit along with you and try them on together if you can, though in my experience only few places actually allow for this.

Anyways, this tip rules out the problems with having to return things because they simply don’t “go”.

Believe me I just hate that and it happends to me waaay too often.

  • 3.) Be colour savy…

Colour is obviously a very big factor in picking a bag, so I would say that having even one or two colours in mind before you shop is a good idea. The more you can narrow it down, the easier it’ll get for you.

  • 4.) Try it on…

I like to see how things look in the mirror before I even think about buying it. This for me is important, just to make sure it fits right. No matter how cute it looks, if it doesn’t sit right, it’s not going to look good. Especially with bigger bags. I’m sort of small, 5ft 2 to be exact and on the slim side, so some bigger bags can look just a but too oversized on me and a lot of shoulder bags, or strappy bags can look far too long on me if there is no buckle or clip to readjust the strap.

  • 5.) Price tags and designer labels…

Bags are just one of those things that can range from reasonably cheap to horrendously pricey.(Usually the designer ones…) For most of us girls buying a price-y designer bag like say, a Louis Vuttion bag isn’t something we’d do off handedly or on a regular basis.

Bags wise, designer labels really can be something to take a look at though as bags are something you’ll have for such a long time, you’ll want to buy something of good quality.

Having said this, remember if you are buying something designer or anything of high expense make sure it’s versatile, a colour that’s able to coordinate with a mixture of different outfits in your wardrobe and something simple and timeless, so that you can have it for a good while and not just waste your hard earned money on a fleeting trend.

Well, there you go.

That’s all my bag shopping wisdom in one tinie, tiny post so, hopefully it helps you out.

Let me the comments about your shopping horror stories, dilemmas, favourite bags or any useful tips you have for shopping.

Talk soon,

Dash x

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Parfois and my new bag…

Hey guys, Dash here!

So, for a little while now, I’ve been on the hunt for a brand new bag, which I mentioned a bit over in my last post, which I’ll link to here in case you haven’t read it!   [link]

Anyways, like I said I was on the hunt for a new bag and after what felt like absolute ages but was probably only a week… I found it! *victory dance*

​ This new bag, backpack to be specific and for a backpack, I think it’s just so stylish and fashion forward. These days backpacks are really coming up in the world of fashion.

This bag though is literally my new obsession

I honestly don’t leave the house without it.

 At all.


I think it’s a really unique style, with its little see-through plastic front, oversized metal zips and metal buckles on the readjustable straps (a must when you’re as short as I am…) but also very chic and stylish due to its white leather front and black coloured mesh back. It’s got a little bit of a monochrome style to it and I do get some Chanel vibes from the simplicity.

 It’s very clean cut and simple but gorgeous and unique at the same time. A fashion forward piece that for me, works great for Summer but also for the transitional period then into Autumn and right on to Winter. Especially with all the army green khaki patterns that are beginning to fill up the shops for Autumn as I just think they go so well together.

Not only is it super unique and chic (hehe that rhymes…) but it’s not going to go out of style anytime soon being mainly white creates a more timeless feel and it goes with everything! 

I found it in parfois a really, gorgeous accessory shops with a focus on fashion forward and trendy bags of every shape and size, that I actually stumbled upon by accident.

Well, sort of… It’s one if those situations where you know of something but you’ve never really give it any attention, I’ve always known it existed, I just didn’t think it would be for me and do never went in there.

Now I’m not too sure whether to regret that or be thank full for it, because had I known of it, I’d have probably spent all my money on the accessories in there…

All I know for sure is that it’s fast becoming one of my favourite accessory shops, which I’ll definitely be returning to and telling you tons more about later on in my blog! Here’s the link for their online store, if you’re interested in having a peak!

Well that’s it for now.

Let me know what your thoughts are on my new bag and what you favourite accessory store is, down in the comments below. 

Talk soon, 

Dash x

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Beyoncé concert fashion beauties 

Hey, Dash here! ♥ 

So, lately I’ve been working part-time in some stadiums in my area. One of them being Croke park, one of the main stadiums in Ireland and not too long ago Beyoncé herself came to our lovely green isle as part of her world tour, so I just happened to be working at it. Sadly this being the case I didn’t get to see her at all! So, I missed put on seeing her numerous outfit changes. *cries*

Though, I won’t despair too much, because though I didn’t see her, I met a ton of her lovely fans, some of which were fabulously dressed.

Some of them had, what I’d like to think is that perfect mix of comfy concert wear and ‘dressed to impress’ summer chic.

I saw a sea of bodysuits, patterned crop-tops, messy braids, fun festival body and face paint, along with body jewellery and henna tattoos.

I have to say that these girls just got it so, so right when it came it capturing that easy summer festival vibe.

Concerts can be a little bit tricky fashion wise. You want to look your best but also be comfortable enough to still enjoy yourself to the full.

Believe me, I know the discomfort of bad fashion mistakes…

Heels + mosh pit = immense pain.

Yeah I wouldn’t recommend it…

Anyways, with all of this in mind I thought I’d give you guys my top tips for a stylish yet comfy-casual summer concert outfit.

1. Keep it simple…

Nothing is worse than the discomfort of an annoying outfit. Seriously don’t put yourself through it.

I met one girl, who was wearing this absolutely gorgeous floor length kimono style dress and heels. A fabulous outfit, I honestly can’t fault her for that but, I met her again near the end if the night and the ends of her dress are all ripped! It was such a pity too.

My advice though, would be to keep your outfit simple. A crop-top with some shorts or a mini shirt would more than do. Something cute and casual and won’t get in your way like a floor length dress…

2. Accessorize…

Just because you’re keeping your outfit simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Try accessorizing to keep things from feeling too plain. You don’t need to go crazy, too much jewellery is definitely going to wreck your head. Keeping things easy and free is probably your best bet comfort wise. With this in mind, I’d say layered anklets or an armlet, summer-y, fabulous and easy to wear, are a great way to go. If you’re still looking for that little extra touch to your outfit, body paint and henna (semi-perminanat tattoo.) can actually be a really easy way to jazz up a summer concert outfit, giving it some real boho festival vibes, which I saw so much of at the concert.

3.High heel free zone.

Right, so unless you’re super, super comfortable moving around in your skyscraper heels for a fair few hours or have some little high heel cushions or pads (they can be pretty useful in these situations.) I’d say leave them at home.

Like I said before, to me at least at a concert comfort is everything and more than likely your gorgeous heels will start to wreck your head.

There’s such a wide variety of shoes you can choose from, so I wouldn’t just limit myself to heels you know? Ankle boots, converse, vans, sandals. So much more comfortable and,  if you’re like me, far less likely to trip and fall.

4.Backpack beauties.

I’m all about making things just that little bit easier and a backpack is a great way of doing this.

You know the way people say that when girls pack to go away on holidays they feel like they need to bring everything they own?

Yeah. Well, that’s me… Everywhere I go.

Unless I’m going for a run or something, I won’t leave the house without my phone charger, my purse, possibly a book, a note book and pen, a hairbrush, half my makeup bag, tissues (damn allergies *cries*) and a pair of socks.

That’s on an average day so as you can imagine, I never go ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE without a bag, in my experience handbags and concerts they don’t mix, there again though, I’ve never been in a seating area, so it might be more manageable there but from my concert standing experiences, bug hand bags aren’t exactly concert friendly… 

There’s just too many people and so much going on, you’d be mad to bring one.

This is where backpacks really to come in handy. You can literally shove a ton of stuff into it, throw it on your back and you can forget about it and just have some fun. No need to worry about holding onto it or something falling out.

Well that’s about it from me for now.

Hopefully you’ll now be ready and fully equipped to handle any summer concert that’s might be headed you say as starts to come to a close.

Talk soon,

Dash x

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Fandom fashions: Styling tips

 Dash here!

So, inspired by the Harry Potter collection in Penneys, I’ve decided to give you guys some styling tips for fandom merchandise that can change your favourite fan tee into part of a stylish outfit. 

I think everyone has that one fictional universe that just means a lot to them. (I just happen to have many…)

I’ve always been mad into fictional universes, in books, tv series, video games or movies, it doesn’t really matter to me as I basically become obsessed either way.

I think people can just fall into a fictional universe really easily and completely escape from reality, at least for a little while and in this way you can really form a strong bond with certain imaginary places, fictional characters and of course ‘ships’.

Harry Potter is definetly one of those really popular  fictional universes with a huge fandom so it’s no surprise really that some of it’s wearable merchandise found it’s way into Penneys and obviously if you really love a certain book or movie you’ll jump at the chance to have some merchandise.

I think the problem with fandom fashions is that a lot of the time they’re not the most stylish or the most flattering clothes out there.

I mean, when clothes like these come to mind a lot of people would probably think along the lines of really cool cosplay outfits, but that’s not nessisarily something you could wear from day-to-day day, you know? On the other hand you might think of an unflattering one size fits all tee shirt, something that you’d laze around the house in but you probably wouldn’t wear it out anywhere.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. Just because fan merchandise isn’t exactly on trend doesn’t mean that you can’t look good wearing it.

So here’s a couple of (hopefully) helpful tips and styles that can help you on your way to wearing your fandom armour super fashionably… 

1. ♥ The simplistic approach…

When it came to the Harry Potter clothes collection in Penneys that inspired this post, there were a lot of whole outfits made specifically to wear together. 

For example, there was black leggings with Harry Potter written up the side of the left leg in bold white letters, paired with a burgundy tee-shirt with a large Hogwarts symbol decorating the front along with green slytherin socks and red and white Hogwarts converse style shoes covered in house crests.

All were gorgeous pieces individually but together… I felt that it was pretty full on.

Not that that’s a bad thing, but again it’s not exactly a stylish outfit that you could wear from day-to-day (don’t mistake stylish for trendy, just because you wear something that’s not ‘on-trend’ doesn’t mean it’s not stylish.)

There’s nothing too wrong with wearing them this way if this is what you like, but my goal is to make wearing fandom fashions funky and fashionable.

A great way to add something of your favorite band, book, comic or movie in a simple way could be to take one or two little pieces like the teeshirt or the pair of socks from the outfit I mentioned earlier and work them into one of your favorite outfits.

You don’t need everything you wear to scream your favourite book logo, adding in one or two pieces can actually be far more effective if you’re looking for that balance between fashion and fandom.

Why not try something like these?

It’s simple but still really captures those fan girl vibes throughout the outfit…

2.♥ Touches of jewellery. 

 One thing I’ve noticed (mainly on those aesthetic tumblr fan blogs)…that’s majorly on the rise in the world of fandom come fashion is jewellery.

From the hunger games mockingjay pin to the police box from Doctor who on a silver chain.  If you’ve got a fictional obsession you’re sure to find some sort of jewellery that relates to it.

Something both really pretty but yet also keeping true to your hardcore fan girl roots. Pieces of jewellery are really great little ways of carrying a piece of the fandom with you, they’re also perfect for everyday wear and are more likely to go with the stuff you’ve got in your wardrobe. 

They’re a beautiful simple way to say “I’m a fangirl ” without looking like you got attacked by a merchandise store. They’re also something you can wear all of the time, unlike a teeshirt or huddy.

There’s so many different online websites to pick from these days that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

After searching around my favourite shop was the rebel fandom shoppe.

When searching around online, this was one of the first shops I came across. It’s an online accessory store catering specifically for your favourite fandoms, characters and fictional universes from the The avengers to the immortal instruments they’ve got it! In my opinion it’s very worth checking out, the products are really well made. (They’ve even got the Time Turner from Harry Potter, in earring form! *squeals* ♥) They’re also reasonably cheap, compared to some.

Here’s a little peep at some of their gorgeous jewellery… 

 Click here to head over to their lovely website!… ♥

Though they are a little on the pricer side of things, I think that they’re so pretty and very worth it. (and hey, fan girls are known for splashing out for these things.)

3.♥ Be unconventional.

Yes, we all know those typical fan outfits, the ones with the merchandised teeshirt, skinny jeans and converse. Yeah, we’ve all had that outfit at some stage and there’s nothing wrong with it but, in the need to make things more interesting and far more fashion forward, why not be a little unconventional?

Discarding your skinny jeans for a pinafore, skort or skirt could look really good. 

4. ♥ Know what works for you…

I’m not sure if anyone else does this, I’m sure somebody else has to share this with me though, I can’t be the only one, can I?

You see, if I like something enough it doesn’t matter if it’s not my style or doesn’t really suit me … I’ll probably end up buying it anyway…

Yeah, I know… I’ve got shopping problems… 

If you, like me too get excited by anything fandom, take a step back before you make a run for the till to buy a whole bunch of stuff that may or may not suit you.

Remember not to lose yourself or your personality in the clothes that you’re wearing.

Yes, there’s little that says more about your personality than your favourite fandoms, but don’t get pulled away by things that might not nessisarily look flattering on you.

If you know from experience that, the pair of Harry Potter leggings your about to buy is going to do nothing good for your legs then don’t buy them. Simple as. 

The trick to fashionable fandom wear is to wear what suits you and what works for you while still incorporating your favourite obsessions.

There’s no need to wear something that fits you awfully or gives you no shape just for the sake of the logo, I think a lot if people fall into this trap, but there’s no need to.
Fashion and fandoms all in one… I hope to have a lot more of these types of posts!

Hope you’ve been inspired!

Now you can all go back to your fangirling x

Tell me what fandoms you’re apart of in the comments!

So, many the force be with you and don’t let the Muggles get you down ♥ 

Talk soon,

Dash x

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Fandom fashions: Penneys Harry Potter collection… 

Hey, Dash here!

Wow! Long time no chat?

Lifes sorta been getting in the way lately (It’s been a hetic summer, for sure!) but things should be getting back to normal now.

Anyways though, it’s probably obvious by now that, Penneys is one of my usual shopping haunts and  a little while ago while walking through, I stumbled upon some new stock and I think I nearly died. (Of joy.) I’m not even exaggerating. And do you known why? Well… in their new stock was a whole section dedicated to Harry Potter.

Yes. You heard me.

A whole section of clothes dedicated to Harry Potter.

Right, so before we go any further into this, I suppose I should let you know that even though I am fashion obsessed I’m also a bit of a closet geek, a fandom nerd, if you will.

I’m not even joking.

Comic books, movies, books, tv shows and video games… I become obsessed so, so easily. I just get sucked into the fandom and never really leave, from star wars to aquaman and iron man to Sherlock and of course Harry Potter, I can get a tad obsessed.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when my two loves fashion and fiction universes came together.

Honestly though, I know when people think fan clothes, what would usually spring to mind maybe isn’t the most stylish clothes, possibly a baggy, one size fits all tee-shirt?

A lot if people might think that fashion and fan clothes just don’t mix, but I don’t think that’s really the case because with the right accessories and a dash of confidence you can make anything look good. (Believe me, if I’m obsessed with something enough I’ll make it work.)

So without further rambling on my part, here’s the collection that’s had me hardcore fangirling…

  • The socks…

      A great example of how to incorporate a little bit of merchandise into your outfit without feeling like you’ve gone overboard. It’s simple, low key and really cute with the individual little crests on each.

      The socks are such a cute splash of rich colour with their reds, greens and yellows, which are great as we’re on our way into Autumn

      • The shorts…

        To me these are so stylish and chic. Way unconventional for fan merchandise. It’s something I could see tons of people picking up,not because they’re related to Harry Potter and have a mixture of Hogwarts crests dotted around them but because of their stylish look.

        To me their colouring is so chic mainly due to the contrast between the beige and the black trim and pattern.

        • The tee-shirts.

          Oh yes. Tee-shirts, they’re the classic piece of merchandise, aren’t they?

          These aren’t just another set of unflattering fan tees though, if Harry Potter wasn’t so famous many people might believe these to be cute tee-shirts.

          I really do like how they’re a little bit more fashion forward than the traditional, baggy band tee. (We all know how unflattering they can be…)

          Styling these maybe with a pencil skirt or a pinafore could look really pretty. Just to get away from that typical band tee, skinny jeans look.

          • The shoes.

            A cute little pomp shoe that’s just gorgeous.

            They’re a lovely little piece, maybe not to everyones shoe taste but the little crests dotted around the shoe in white, backing onto red really stand out. A must for the die hard fan like me 😂 

            Well, that’s it for now

            Talk soon and remember don’t let The Muggles get you down…

            Dash x